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It can be a bit disappointing when you realize you don’t have the correct equipment to make some pretty delicious creation. Here at TSP we are aiming to make baking a little bit easier in any way possible. Today we’re going to talk about some important bakeware (read: pans). Fire up Amazon Prime in another tab and let’s get started!

Half Sheet Pans

I could basically build a house with these if I’m being honest. They are essential for cookies – and do we love cookies. I prefer heavy duty aluminum ones that don’t warp or pop in the oven when they get hot. I also like them to have a lip around the edge. This helps for things like galettes that might have leaky juices. Oh, and you can roast veggies and chicken if you prefer something savory. You should grab at least two of these – never have square cookies because of lack of space again.

8″ Cake Pans

Much like half sheet pans are to cookies, these 8″ cake pans are to, well… cake! Cake pans come in a million different sizes so picking the right one for the job can be confusing. I, myself, own 8″ and 6″. Most recipes call for two 8″ cake pans when making a layered cake, which is why I am recommending those. I picked up some 6″ cake pans a few years into baking because they are great when you want to have just a little bit of cake.

9×13″ Rectangular Pan

Did someone say brownies? Or cake? Whenever I get around to making a tres leches cake, you’re going to want to make sure that you have this bad boy handy. It’s much larger than the 8″ cake pans, and much more versatile because of its shape. It’s great for cinnamon rolls, mac and cheese, and double batches of brownies. Oh, and you can roast a pretty good sized bird if you want to have a nice Sunday dinner.

8 or 9″ Square Pan

Okay, some times you don’t want to double the brownie recipe and you want to “control yourself”, bring in the 8″ square pan. Much like its bigger sibling – the 9×13 – the square pan is great for smaller batches of cinnamon rolls or mac and cheese. There are also some blondies recipes that call for square pans. I find that I always have the wrong sized pan for the job, though. If you usually prefer a thicker, chewier result then go with the 8″, for a thinner result opt for the 9″ variation.

Loaf Pan

Sometimes you just really want a fresh loaf of bread. The loaf pan is something I only recently acquired because it’s just not used that often. You really only see this guy when you’re making bread, babka, or some pull apart loaf. However, there is no substitute. If you think you’re going to be making this banana bread, or this cardamom pound cake that requires this often, I would pick it up.

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