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It’s 9pm and the craving hits. You want a cookie, cake, something sweet and warm. We get it, these things happen, and since we never plan ahead we want quick, simple recipes to satiate ourselves. We’ve compiled a list that contains six of our favorite, quick recipes that can be made in under an hour. Try one of these the next time that craving hits.

Honey Corn Muffins

These corn muffins are great any time of the day. I loved munching on them in the morning on my way to work, but I’ve been dying to try them with a bowl of chili. The honey adds a beautiful sweetness so you don’t need to add any later. Make these the next time you have an unexpected guest come over that you want to impress!

Blackberry Crisps

It’s summer, embrace the fruit around you! We always miss the gorgeous berries in the dead of winter, and these crisps celebrate what we love about summer. The recipe uses mini ramekins to make serving a breeze, but you could definitely make this in a larger casserole dish and server it family style. Just be sure to include a scoop of ice cream because why not?

Plum Torte

I got high praises on the cake part of this torte. With the right plums this cake is out of this world, so be sure to taste your plums before you make this torte. If they’re a little on the sour side, add a little more sugar on top. Make this one with someone and you can split up the work really nicely. One person can make the cake while the other one pits the plums.

Peanut Butter Cookies

If you haven’t made this peanut butter cookie recipe, you should go to your kitchen and make them right now… and then read the rest of this article. We have received nothing but borderline obsession for these cookies. There’s only four ingredients (five if you count the salt) and practically zero technical skill required. Be sure to watch them like a hawk in the oven – they’re not good burnt in my opinion! Feel free to dip the bottoms in chocolate if you’re into that kind of thing.

Cinnamon Roll Bars

This is probably the “hardest” recipe on this list, but only because you have to layer things. Traditional cinnamon rolls can take a really long time to make, so if you still want to impress, opt for this bar version.

Raw Energy Bars

Dealing with an awful heatwave in the middle of July? That means it’s time for a no bake recipe! Not only do these energy bars require no oven time, they are packed with protein, natural sugars, and healthy fats to help you get through your day without the crash. These bars are also completely customizable to your preference! View more articles written by Vasili.

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