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Yes, technically there are still a couple weeks left of summer, but pretty soon the fall baking will commence. The past few months have been a whirlwind of delicious recipes featuring beautiful and fresh fruits and veggies. We decided to give a recap of our top 5 summer recipes so you can get one last fruity dessert in before whipping out the pumpkin and maple. Find them below, in no particular order, and let us know your favorite!


If roasted strawberries don’t make you think of summer, then you’re doing something wrong. These cheesecake tarts pair their sweetness with a tangy blend of mascarpone and cream cheeses, and it is perfection! The best part is that there are only a few easy steps and no pesky ingredients.


Popsicles are both refreshing and nostalgic, bringing me back to childhood summer days outside in the hot sun. This recipe can be made with your favorite fruit, and whatever dairy or non dairy milk you prefer. You can invest in an awesome popsicle mold, or just use paper dixie cups in a pinch!


What’s better than a recipe that combines your favorite fruit with ingredients you already have in your kitchen? This crisp uses blackberries, but with so many summer berries to choose from, there are endless possibilities. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top!


Cherries are my all time favorite fruit, and when they go on sale each summer I buy as many as I can carry home. A slab pie is perfect for a BBQ with lots of people because it can be made at any size. Just mix up your favorite pie crust recipe, add in the delicious cherries and you have a serious crowd pleaser.


If there is one thing I look forward to baking with every year, it’s definitely rhubarb! The unique texture and taste can be used in pies, muffins, jams and this crumb cake. If you haven’t given rhubarb a shot yet, this is a perfect simple recipe to start with.

Hopefully you all had a great summer full of baking, stay tuned to see what fall recipes we come up with! Subscribe below so you won’t miss anything, and check us out on Instagram.



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